Welcome to SMAHOO Change Clinic; a community based Mental Health Wellness and Addictions services clinic located downtown Calgary, Alberta Canada.  Owned and operated by certified Addiction counsellor, Shirvington Hannays.
He is specialized in change coaching approaches for longer behavioural change, Mental Health wellness; and substance abuse recovery maintenance using:-
  • CRA treatment model for substance dependency recovery and sobriety
  • The 5 Stages of Change model counselling for longer term relapse prevention
  • Psycho-spiritual counselling
  • Trauma informed counselling
  • Internal Family System counselling
  • Transactional Analysis
  • Acceptance commitment therapy

The mobile clinic offers confidential substance use and abuse intervention, assessment and counselling in areas of:
  • Substance use, misuse and abuse
  • Maladaptive Behavioural change
  • Harm reduction and abstinence
  • Recovery case management
  • Mental health wellness support
  • And in-residential treatment referral

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