Addiction and most other Mental or Emotional distress starts as a PROCESS

If this is a life-threatening issue or an emergency please call 911 (24/7).

Are you looking for counseling for yourself or a loved one challenged with an addiction; depression; anxiety; anger management; or low self-esteem?

today for an online complimentary evaluation.

We are secure HIPAA, PHIPA PIPEDA, and CASL compliant.

Our Clinical Director - Shirvington Hannays, CCS-AC, CCAC, CCTACP.

The core of my work is centred around "Forgiveness", which is always a part of the recovery process from any kind of Relapse, be it for Substance use, abuse, dependency (addiction), or another non-substance using Mental illness.

In partnership with life Reform (Guyana)

we're heading to Guyana to Deliver our Signature innovative blended residential and VIRTUAL Mental Wellness Spa - coming to a Community near you across Guyana.

SMAHOOcc - SMAHOO Mental Wellness SPA - Private 21, 33 or 45 DAYS - Re-Set and Recovery THERAPY

Get the needed time away to RE-disCOVER your CORE Self - TODAY.

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SMAHOOcc Mental Wellness SPA

"I did it in 3 weeks virtually daily, right from the safety and comfort of my home. At a fraction of the cost, with with the loving support of my family. It made a big difference..."

Owen P.

We bring therapy directly to you DAILY...

Mental Wellness Management