About The Clinic

SMAHOO Change Clinic was founded in August, 2009 by its lead certified Addiction Counsellor Shirvington Hannays, (Cert.) CCAC, CCPA, ACTA-Alberta.   He has a proven track record working with youth and adults using REBT (Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy) techniques to achieve measurable and sustained behavioural change.

Building on Mr. Hannays training, diverse experience, community engagement, and employment placement for intake and assessment to determine detoxification intervention urgency;  motivational harm reduction coaching for addiction recovery and mental illness stabilization case management.

We have developed our Philosophy of Care and support for those challenged by Addiction; Substance use, misuse, abuse, or dependency to be based on the CRA voucher treatment approach, of community-based non-residential addiction and substance Abuse or Dependency treatment.

Using :

  1. CBT, REBT, DBT, ACT and, CRA treatment counselling models
  2. and: motivational interviewing for client-centered substance abuse sobriety and recovery.

Change Readiness:-

We understand that one of the main reason for and barrier to sustained behavioural change, recovery, abstinence, sober living or safer harm reduction practices is the lack of readiness to change or motivation to change coupled with no assessed and coaching of the client regarding their stage of change and the most appropriate motivation to change support and counselling needed for that individual as against one size fit all in a traditional residential or outpatient treatment programming for group treatment facilitation.

Therefore we encourage and provide pre-treatment

  1. Individualized Change readiness coaching and counselling session for each person considering treatment and behavioural change.
  2. This often is also the case for those challenged by mental illness or mental/emotional distress.

Continuum of Care and AfterCare:-

Most lapse and relapse in recovery, sober living, harm reduction or mental health wellness management and maintenance due to lack of planning or little planning for the potential lapse or relapse.

Sober Living or Harm Reduction:-

Using a client-centered model of treatment approach and philosophy, we don’t try to make that decision for you.  You get to choose and we personalize and customize your treatment programming; treatment, relapse prevention, and afterCARE planning.

Using the biopsychosocial model of treatment and recovery with the CRA voucher framework for client accountability, self-motivation, and commitment to recovery, for community-based holistic wellness recovery and new behaviours re-enforcement.

Mental illness Treatment and Continuum of Care:-

Using a client-centered model of treatment approach and philosophy, we approach client treatment and support with the understanding that mental health wellness is on a spectrum.  Needing continuous and mindful practices, especially when in treatment, counselling or recovery for a mental illness or distress diagnosis. Once again we personalize and customize your treatment programming; treatment, relapse prevention, and continuum of care planning.

Dual diagnosis and/or Co-occurring Mental Health illness:-

Whether it is co-occurring for two more mental illnesses (e. g. Clinical depression, anxiety disorder, and/or personality disorder) or substance abuse and a mood disorder for a dual diagnosis.  Most addiction or mental illness cases do not challenge individual singularly.  Which then requires double treatment planning and relapse prevention planning with the two big questions being:-

  • Should both or all diagnoses be treated at the same time?
  • If not, which to treat first?

Our treatment team

Our Clinical Director – Shirvington Hannays, CCS-AC, CCAC, CCTACP. A bit more about me…