Shirvington Hannays

Shirvington Hannays
Shirvington Hannays
A Certified Canadian Addiction Counsellor..

Shirvington is a passionate and self-motivated Canadian CACCF’s certified and CCAC licensed Addiction Counsellor; with specialized proficiency using:-

  1. CBT, REBT, DBT, ACT and, CRA treatment counselling models
  2. and: motivational interviewing for client-centered substance abuse sobriety and recovery.

He is also skilled in:-

  • determining detoxification intervention urgency;
  • motivational harm reduction coaching and;
  • mental illnesses case management.

With a proven track record working with youth and adults using REBT (Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy) techniques to achieve measurable and sustained behavioural change. Crossed trained in the Addicted Brain; harm Intervention and Psychological First Aid. Additionally, Shirvington is skilled in determining detoxification intervention urgency; addictions detoxification referral and motivational harm reduction coaching, and; mental illnesses case management.

He has served clients of the Salvation Army – Calgary’s Centre of Hope, Addiction Recovery Program for more than 2+ years; CAMH; Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services; Family & Children’s Services of Guelph and Wellington County.

With more than 15 years researching on religions and the significance spirituality plays in psychology and the functioning of the human mind.  He has written, blogged and produced various blogs and podcasts across all major religions promoting holistic and practical ways of living.