Group Therapy

Once weekly Live Close Group  Therapy or as needed and requested – 11 participants including the facilitator.  Day and repeated the same Evening LIVE.

Four (4) weeks rotation of weekly Group therapy

  • Week 1. – Guilt versus Shame – time to confronting my own.
  • Week 2. – In denial about my Mental illness.
  • Week 3. – The three (3) faces of victim mentality and the drama triangle. My default role and face either as – the Judge, the Rescuer, or the Victim.
  • Week 4. – Am I stuck in co-dependent Relationship, being Enabled, or as the Enabler?

You must have at least our complimentary client profile to be screened and assessed to attend our Live closed virtual group support session. You can subscribe to our premium Support Subscriptions based on your need for support, counselling or treatment to stabilize and manage mental health wellnessrelapse prevention or intervention; and after treatment care.