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If this is a life-threatening issue or an emergency please call 911 (24/7) now or go to your local emergency unit. This should always be the first determination and consideration.

Note: “Addiction or Mental/Emotional distress always starts as a PROCESS

To minimize a Lapse or Relapsing during your treatment or after treatment care, you must first identify the following:-

  • Are you ready and motivated to change?
  • If you are ready for change, where are you in the stages of change cycle?
  • What are your triggers and irrational ways of thinking about those triggers?
  • What are your old behaviours (actions, reactions, and feelings or emotions) based on your irrational thinking?
  • What are your default defense mechanisms for coping with these triggers that cause your irrational thinking and related feeling or emotions?

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Change Readiness

We believe and encourage "the most effective therapeutic Treatment and counselling" starts with planned “Motivation to Change” and “Readiness for Change “counselling.  Which makes Sober Living or Harm Reduction easier to manage and maintain longer.

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Core Support Services

  • Change Readiness Coaching and Motivation to Change counselling.
  • Addictions and Mental Health Wellness counselling and Relapse prevention and AfterCare planning.
  • Sober Living or Harm Reduction styles support and case management.

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Planned Aftercare

Similar to the need for change readiness and motivation caching and counselling, we also promote and encourage "After Treatment or Therapy continuum of Care planning with periodic update or revision as needed". Therefore lapse or Relapse prevention planning is essential to any solid continuum of care plan.

About Us

In August, 2009 Shirvington Hannays, CCAC, had the idea for a virtual and mobile mental wellness clinic was and the SMAHOO Change Clinic was launched online.  Mr. Hannays is a CACCF and ACTA-Alberta certified Addiction counsellor. 

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