How your Personality can cause you to Repeatedly Relapse.

How well do you know you? Okay, to be more specific your Personality, its many Traits, Characteristics and or possibilities disorder? Was it even taken into consideration during your treatment, Relapse Prevention planning and along with your efforts to stay in your Sobriety and Recovery.

Why Repeat Relapsing is an issue in Recovery

Repeat Relapsing is an issue in Recovery due to the return to the number one issue that challenges most human being – the unwillingness to sit with opportunities for solving and grow spiritually or emotionally. In addition to enhance our capacity to truly forgive and accept ourselves, our life situation or circumstances readily to be…

What next?… you called a live person and identified the trigger.

Wrapped up in a Lapse and double layered in a bag full of guilt and shame if you have really gone through a thorough Change READINESS coaching and relapse prevention Planning. So this next #smahooBIT step and intervention is critical to your successfull Recovery relapseREScue.

Change READINESS : what is your BOAT?

Lots of people talk about changing, wanting sincerely to do so but despite their best efforts to change their behaviours, they are still stuck in the Pre-contemplation stage of change readiness and commitment to changing.


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Shirvington Hannays CCS-AC, CCAC, CCTACP

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