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Virtual Mindful Self-care

Please NOTE If you are experiencing life-threatening distress or an emergency crisis, please call 911 (24/7) now or go to your local emergency unit. This should always be the first determination and consideration.

Sounds for Mindful Self-care relaxation…

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In the middle of a LAPSE or Full-Blown RELAPSE Brief Intervention Steps and Strategies are easier to remember and use to STOP the RElapse PROCESS for causing you more Thoughts and feelings of DIStress, STRESS, ANXiety, GUILT, SHAME, and LOW self Esteem and self EFFicacy.

#RElapsePrevention Planning

Failure to Plan with detail and specific PLAN of ACTION in the event of a LAPSE or a Full RELAPSE, set the individual up to be overwhelmed and helpless to Hijack the LAPSE or RELAPSE without GUILT or SHAME.


Introducing our new Signature virtual LIVE & OnDemand Multimedia SelfCARE tools and resources for you to regularly Check-in and Tune-up your Mind Wellness to handle and manage Life’s everyday stressors, and opportunities to Learn new LifeSKILLS responses.

“I have learnt that the Substance of Choice is an important part of Substance Abuse Disorder but actually is a very small part of the inability to handle and manage LIFE’s potential daily stressors and opportunities to learn new Life-skills. Often because of personality traits, characteristics or underline personality disorders. “

Certified Addiction Counsellor and Counselling Therapist

We made Substance Abuse Relapse Prevention & Ongoing Mind Wellness Self-CARE a Retreat!