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The clinic’s treatment and clinical support services

At SMAHOO Change Clinic we deliver outstanding results across 3 key treatment areas: change readiness, Treatment and Relapse prevention planning, and after treatment care.

Clinical Director, Mr. Shirvington Hannays.

Change readiness

We believe that change readiness increases self efficacy that enhances self motivation and helps in tipping the scale of ambilvence in flavour of change.

Treatment and Relapse prevention planning

The process of the planning for the treatment and prevention a lapse or relapse should compliment each other with the relapse prevention plan building on and be an extension of the treatment plan.

Aftercare and Continuum of care

Whether it is Harm reduction or total abstinence, there should be a simple yet structured after treatment support system to promote and enhance the behavioural change undertaken during treatment.

Certifies and Licensed Nurse Practitioner.

Dana M., NP

Clinical Director and Certified Addiction Counsellor.

Shirvington H., CCAC


Our clinical, treatment, and support services encompasses industry standard practitioners and best practices.

Primary treatment model and approach

Biopsychosocial, using CRA-plus voucher.

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