SMAHOOCC Online Repeated Relapsing Rescue AND Prevention Planning

SMAHOOcc OORR - Online Outpatient Recovery Retreat programming

** You have done treatment at least twice before and or have given up trying to change because you believe you can not change due to repeat relapsing.

Monday to Fridays including at least EIGHT (8) One on One CBT/REBT Counselling sessions, and at least SIX (6) weekly Stages and Processes of Change coaching, adaptive Life Stressors coping skills coaching, Addictive behaviours and mindsets interventions to enable measurable behavioural change and mindsets shifts to undertake and maintain non-addictive behavioural change. Moving between PRE-contemplation, Contemplation or Preparation to Maintenance of new Lifestyle behaviours and actions in commitment to recovery changes.

Include TWO (2) Years of complimentary Aftercare Mind Wellness Self-care Membership inclusive of:


LEVEL 3 Access – Unlimited Mind Wellness Care & virtual Mind Spa Experience ACCESS

Unlimited access to LIVE or On-Demand multimedia LIFEskills2.0 Check-in and Tune-up Self-care and Mind Wellness resources and the following lifetime access benefits:

  • Learn, and master how to quickly Hijack *Return to an Old Way of Thinking or **Behavioural Change Lapse before it becomes a full-blown RElapse.
  • Get to know and understand your triggers, cravings, and your Absolutes that always start your PROCESS of a *Return to an Old Way of Thinking or **Behavioural Change Lapse that if not Hijacked or Arrested reinforces your addictive behaviours.
  • Get four (4) annual scheduled 20 minutes of complimentary LIFEskills2.0 Wellness Check-in and Tune-up with a Certified Mental Health Telemedicine professional.
  • Get two (2) complimentary certified Clinical assessments and referrals for further Mind Wellness evaluation, counselling support, and or Case management.
  • Twenty-four Hours follow-ups and No waiting list to Speak with a LIVE Certified Mental Health Telemedicine professional.
  • Get an eBook and a paperback copy of the Clinic and Spa experience Founder Shirvington Hannays’ signature “How to Rescue YourSELF from chronic Low Self-esteem and Self-sabotaging Mindsets to help change behaviour(s) you have been struggling to change and stop returning to old ways of thinking or behaving you have changed.
  • Unlimited On-Demand access to recorded LIVE webinars, Group therapy and LifeSKILLS2.0 courses.

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